Swarovski Pearl Bracelets Are The Perfect Holiday Gift

Its always difficult to find the perfect holiday gift.  Getting someone you love something extra special and handmade is always a good choice.  I love to give a handmade gift especially jewelry because it is always unique and appreciated.  These Swarofski pearl bracelets are sure to please.  They have a beautiful luster in perfectly matched colors that work for every season and blend perfectly with any wardrobe.  I love the fact that they stretch, so they are so easy to put on and fit most.  We have matched these colors so you don’t need to mix it yourself.  Also, these specially manufactured pearls are resistant to damage from perfumes, lotions and creams. Gift perfection!
Swarovski Pearl Bracelets

Layering Necklaces

Layering necklaces has been one of my favorite ways to wear jewelry.

From the beginning, when I started designing jewelry I would design necklaces to wear together. I like to layer pieces that work well together but not necessarily matching.

Mixing the same color stone, but different pave diamonds or pendants and silver bead necklaces look great together as you can see in this picture. Wearing one long with many shorter pieces also works well. You can mix metals also. Don’t be afraid to mix and match new and old pieces together to really give your look a fresh just thrown together look. #Iwokeuplikethis



Fringe Necklace

Here is an example of the necklace with fringe that I designed. I love that you can wear it long or wrap it around for a fuller look. It really has a handmade feel with beautiful green barque pearls and faceted hematite stones. I have a few pieces that I designed with chain fringe. I love the look of it even on sweaters and boots and of course handbags. It really amps up the style and value of an accessory.hematitegreenbaroquefringe

Three Important Things To Keep In Mind When Shopping For Jewelry

Most people love jewelry in one form or another, from a small and simple piece to an extravagant, but rarely worn heirloom. Whatever your collection looks like, you need to know how to add to it in the most intelligent way as a consumer. Jewelry is, after all, one of the most expensive things people buy. Here are three ways to know you’re making the right decision.

Think Before You Decide To Shop

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Gemstone Jewelry Adds Color for Summer

gemstones add color to your summer fashion

Summer is a great time to add some serious color in your jewelry.  Gemstones come in so many fabulous colors.  The natural quality of these gem drops are spectacular.  These are great with bold colorful shirts or just a simple tee and some sandals.  They are all sterling silver with 22 karat gold overlay.  All natural semi precious and precious stones.

Faceted Raw Sapphires on Matte Black Onyx Beads

raw saphire bracelets

There is something about Sapphires that everyone flips over.  These faceted raw sapphires on matte black onyx beads are beautiful.  They are each unique much like the person who wears them.  They add very sparkly and are a great addition to other bracelets you have.